Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Time for Remembering

My baby boy is now 41 years old. We were reminiscing about the night I went to the hospital and the morning he was born while he and his family and our daughter were all here for dinner tonight. Good memories. Precious memories. Delightful memories. I know you young people consider this a cliche', but, honestly, it does seem like just yesterday he was our darling little boy. Now he's our darling grown man! He was always an enchanting child: bright, easy-going, and extremely gifted in many areas. It's so wonderful to see the man/husband/father he's become.

Hubby and I definitely made mistakes in raising our children, but we must have done some things very right. Though they both went through some shaky times establishing who they were and what mattered in their lives, they've turned out to be a young man and woman we take great pride in. People of extreme integrity, love and thoughtfulness. What more can a parent ask?

As they all loaded into their cars to leave after supper and a visit, hubby and I couldn't help but beam. Two children, a God-chosen daughter-in-law, five grandchildren. A blessed heritage. We love them. They love us. Getting older isn't nearly so hard when your showered with lots and lots of love along the way. We are. And we're thankful.

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Dondra said...

Yes, no mention of your two granddogs ... I won't mention that to them. After all the nice things they said about you too... {sigh} ... Guess they won't be crafting any potty pads at your house.