Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Mishap

Maizie (our dog) was out of food, so we ran to PetsMart in Edwardsville yesterday to pick up some for her. She did fine at first, but, by the time I had walked her to the back of the store, she was shaking like a leaf. Don said he could hold her on his lap and still do his powerchair. Our older grandson works there in the fish area, so I was heading over that way to see if he was working. Naturally, Don was right at my heels. I made it to the far aisle first and didn't see our grandson, so I turned around and started up to the checkout. Don swung his chair around, but, in the process, hooked the back of the chair on two glass aquariums, pulling both to the floor. The smaller one stayed intact, but the big one busted. Fortunately, they were new and didn't have water or fish in them. I was laughing so hard, and Don was mortified.

We're making a list of places that we can't go back to for a while because Don has caused major chaos or destruction!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Take Up Thy Table???

It happened again. We went to Quizno's for lunch. Since both the tables and chairs in that place are a bit fragile, we thought it best for Don to stay in his powerchair while we ate. As he was trying to get closer to the table, he somehow hit the "forward" button and went ramming into the table, shoving it across the floor! I was standing in line, waiting to pay, and I absolutely lost it. It tickles me to death when the chair seems to have a mind of its own. Kind of like Herbie - possessed!

It's Funny What's Now Funny

Blogging is becoming more difficult for me. I don't have cute kids in the house constantly giving me writing material, and our lives certainly aren't terribly exciting. Thus, severe creative block!

So, I was trying to think what was the last thing that really cracked me up. Something that caused me to laugh heartily. I'll have to admit - it's Don. He has a very dry wit. In fact, I sometimes question whether he's actually trying to be funny or if the funny just happens. Either way, life with him is genuinely amusing sometimes.

Take a couple nights ago, for instance. Before we officially retire for the evening, we generally watch the news. He lies with his head at the opposite end of the bed, and I prop myself up at the head. It's been increasingly difficult for him to even get on the bed, so he's been trying to work out a "method" to make it easier. This night, it didn't work. He was stuck. He didn't want to roll (which I've helped him with before), he wanted to move up higher. His legs don't work to help him, so he was trying to wiggle himself up onto the pillow. After watching (and, I'll admit it, giggling at him) for a few minutes, I asked if he needed help. He told me what he was trying to accomplish, and I set out to help. I pulled and tugged and laughed till I peed my pants and never could get him moved onto the pillow. Finally, I had a brilliant idea. Let's move the pillow DOWN! It worked and he was happy.

If this illness has taught me anything, it's that you can find humor anyplace you look for it. I don't mean laughing inappropriately or rudely - but laughing WITH someone over things that just happen. I'm glad to learn that my honey can be funny. REALLY funny. It keeps a smile in my heart, but, as my niece would say, it also keeps my eyes sparkly!