Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ouch! My Head!

We just returned from a couple hours at the Emergency Room. Don nas been doing an a/c and furnace installation this week for a friend. He was heading to their basement and knew his legs felt weak. Unfortunately, he didn't realize how weak they were until they crumpled beneath him, sending him plummeting down the concrete stairs head first. He ended the fall by crashing against the corner of a concrete wall with his head. He has some nasty bruising and several lacerations - one that required four staples to close. Poor guy. This has happened several times within the last few days. His legs just suddenly lose all their strength and down he goes. We're thankful that he hasn't hurt himself seriously, but today shook us both up just a bit. Still waiting for the call from the surgeon to set up his surgery. We're hoping that will make these awful symptoms ease up or go away completely.


dulce de leche said...

Oh no! We'll be praying for him--ouch.

Blessed Mama said...

Ditto to dulce's comment. It would be so great to get relief soon!