Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sick of Being Sick

We had our consultation with the thoracic surgeon today. The trick to being able to do the simpler method for Don's surgery will hinge upon how far back Don can lean his head. He has to put his head back far enough that they can put the instruments straight into an incision at the base of his throat (that soft area) to his heart. Try it. It isn't easy to bend your head that far back. If they can't do it that way, they will have to split his sternum, and we both hate the thought of that. The doctor had asked Don initially to lean his head back as far as he could, and it didn't go far. Then he explained how they would to the procedure and the options, and it was amazing how much farther back Don could lean his head, with just that little incentive!! He has to go to the hospital Monday for a chemical stress test and a lung function/capacity test. So, we'll be at the hospital all day. If he aces both those tests (which we have no reason to believe he won't), they'll probably schedule his thymectomy right away.

On top of his usual problems, he's been plagued with allergies the last few days. The mold count had been quite high, and we think that's what triggers him. This only happens about once a year, so it isn't something serious. Just bothersome. He's better today because it's pouring rain and that has helped all the allergen counts.

Don and I were talking on the way home about how very thankful we are for God's benefits toward us. We are His children, and He is committed to us. Although he is having problems, many people are worse off. Even the surgeon we spoke with today was amazed that, given Don's high antibody counts, he's having no problems breathing, swallowing or with slurred speech. That's wonderful! We continue to appreciate where we are in the whole scheme of things. Life is good; God is faithful.

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LissaLou said...

God is good, isn't he? We just have to remember that even when things feel so helter-skelter. We're praying for both of you!