Friday, October 31, 2008

You Find What You're Looking For

I've posted in the past about the disease hubby has. Every single time we go to a doctor (ANY doctor) the first question out of his/her mouth is, "Do you have any trouble swallowing?" MG typically attacks the eyes, throat and lungs. So, it's something I'm keenly aware of.

Tuesday, hubby was sitting at the computer when he suddenly began to choke. Not just a few little coughs, but he was really choking. Since, in our 42 years of marriage, he's never done that before, I definitely took notice. He eventually got his breath and I put it out of my mind. I had a hair appointment, and, while I was gone, he apparently had yet another choking spell. When I got in from my appointment, he was lying on the couch, and I could tell he was exhausted. I questioned him about it, and he told me about the second bout of choking and said it was actually worse than the first time. Well, that time I got a bit concerned. Since I'm aware of the nature of his illness, I wondered if he was beginning to have problems with his throat. I voiced my concerns and urged him to chew thoroughly before swallowing and to tell me immediately if he sensed any problems.

But the whole incident got me to thinking. He's had a lot of sinus drainage going on. His vocal chord is beginning to "come back", so maybe some of the other nerves, etc. in his throat are finally waking up. In other words, I was seeing what I was looking for. The choking was probably no more than a fluke, and I was worrying needlessly. I would like to tell you that I immediately put it out of my mind and never thought (or worried) about it again. But I can't. I can tell you, however, that he was fine all day yesterday and so far today he's been fine.

Have you ever "labeled" someone, and, from that time on, you only saw things in that person's behavior or personality that supported your label? I have - especially when I was younger and hadn't yet begun to mellow. We even do it with our children and grandchildren. This one's the sweet one, that one's the rebellious one, the other one's the sassy one, etc. I'm asking God to help me seek out the good. It will make the not-so-good much easier to deal with if (and when) it comes. I certainly don't advocate sticking your head in the sand and becoming oblivous to the bad behavior of others (including your children), but simply try to find as many or more positive things to praise than you do negative things to chide. I believe, and you may come to agree, that you'll find what you're looking for!

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