Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How Much Is Too Much?

I'm now 60 years old, and it's amazing how you begin to look back and reevaluate your life at this age. What did I do that was really important and what was done for vain reasons? I'm surprised at how my list tallies out.
As a young mother, I was strict with my children. I don't regret that, and I don't regret the methods of correction I used, as a general rule. However, I do regret my attitude with them at times. If I could change some things, I would spank less and empathize more. Yet, God was faithful to honor my efforts, and we raised two amazing children.
As a servant of God, I could always be counted on to do my best. I gave 110%, but often I was just as concerned about how it sounded or how it looked as I was about Holy Spirit anointing. I listen to old tapes of the choir I directed, and it sounds really good. And many times the Spirit of the Lord flooded the place as the congregation worshipped during the choir song. But I REALLY wanted it to sound the very best we could make it sound. Was that wrong?
I taught Children's Church for many years, and I didn't let those kids get by with anything! However, I look back and see how many of those same children are now involved in some kind of ministry, and I honestly feel like I fed into their little lives. If I did anything right, it was in having them work very hard at memorizing scripture. They'll never regret what they learned.
I have, at times, been a difficult wife. I'm strong and opinionated - even more so when I was young than I am now. But Don wasn't perfect either. He was, for years, very wrapped up in himself. Most of the child rearing was left to me in the early years. So, we banged heads on a regular basis. Wish I had been more mellow back then. We worked through those difficult years, though, and have one of the best marriages I know anything about at this stage in life.
I was always busy. Maybe too busy. Even after I started working full time outside the home, I continued to direct the choir, lead Children's Church, play the piano, sing, homeschool our daughter, etc. Could I have done some of those jobs better if I had laid the others aside? Looking back, I don't know what I would have wanted to do without. Each facet of my life has been rewarding, and I would hate to have missed any of those special moments.
How much is too much? That depends upon your motives and methods. In hindsight, I've had a wonderfully full and extremely busy life -- and I don't regret a minute of it.

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