Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Fashion Faux Pas?

I have another fashion dilemma. I pulled out my winter wardrobe and put away my summer things. Much to my dismay, I discovered that most of my winter tops are striped. Somewhere between last winter and this winter, I heard that women 60 and over shouldn't wear stripes. Oh, no!! Now, what am I going to do. I'm thinking they meant stripes over two inches wide or something, because I honestly don't think ALL of my striped tops need to be replaced. Getting older and trying to dress "with it" (at least a little) seems to present a major problem for me.


Blessed Mama said...

I think unless your a wealthy presidential candidate's wife who can spend thousands of dollars on a single outfit, you have earned the right to wear what you like by the age of 60. Just don't wear knee-highs that aren't quite as high as the hem of your skirt. Or rollers in your hair in public. I think those are no-no's at any age.

Stephanie said...

Horizontal or vertical stripes?