Monday, October 13, 2008

The Painted Fly

Since some of the blogs have been about bugs lately, I decided to add my "fly in the paint" story. Today, two of the grands were painting at their craft table in the basement when one of them yelled, "Granny, come here and see this! Come quick!" The other two grands and I went running in there to see the sight you see pictured here. A "drunk" fly had landed in the white paint. One of the girls fished him out and put him on the table, where he continued to walk around. A white fly. A white PAINTED fly! He even walked through some of the other colors and "painted" with his hairy little legs on the paper. Gross!
So, what's our method of "outing" this white fly? Do we squish him? Do we let him continue as the only white fly we know? Or do we frame him and put him out for the general public to gawk at? Maybe he'll still be around at Thanksgiving for your viewing pleasure!

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Blessed Mama said...

That's funny! I kind of hope he's not still around at Thanksgiving.