Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Proud as Punch

While Don was in ICU at MO Bap, we were quite surprised to learn that they had no age restrictions on visitors. Therefore, our younger grandchildren (aged 10 and 8) were allowed to go in and visit with him. That might be a problem with some children who haven't been taught properly how to behave in that type of setting or are too young to understand that they must be quiet, but our kids were exemplary. The nurses were all commenting on how well they were behaving, and Don and I were about to pop our buttons!! Our favorite nurse, Katie, went on and on about what sweet children they were. Just what a grandparent longs to hear. Of course, they might not have been so quick with the praise if they knew that our grandchildren are all quite shy and never step out of the box very far. Doesn't matter. We were smiling anyway.

Then, of course, the night before I brought Don home, D came by with my grand-dogs. (I'm told I NEVER mention them, so I must make things right.) Our little dog, Piper, absolutely loves playing with Bella. Livvy, who is actually the cuter of the two, doesn't excite Piper nearly as much as his first cousin. They ran and romped and played - almost like watching children interact with each other. A release for the dogs, and a release for me as well - which is much needed after spending several days in a hospital setting.

Don continues to improve. He did have one leg cramp last night, but that's a huge improvement. It's not unusual for him to have 10 or more a night. He rested better and is still going very lightly on the pain meds. He took one tablet (he's supposed to take two) just before bedtime last night, and he felt like it helped. We go to our family doctor today to discuss Don's problems with his blood pressure while he was in the hospital. They may prescribe something for that. All in all, he's beating all the odds. We stand before God with thankful hearts.

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Stephanie said...

Uncle Don must have been trilled to see them! Anyone who has ever seen your grands know there are angels!