Sunday, October 19, 2008

Inspiring Church Service

We had a young family (husband, wife, and two girls, ages 15 and 16) at our church tonight. He is actually the nephew of one of our deacons. This couple has felt for at least 20 years that they were called to the mission field, but it seemed like God was taking them down lots of gravel roads before getting them on the superhighway of their dreams. Looking back, they see how every single life change they encountered was preparing them for where they are right now - preparing to go to the Sudan. They're not allowed in as missionaries, so they'll be going in as businessmen. (Thus, the reason God had them start their own small business 8 years ago.) Their presentation was very well prepared, and all four family members participated. It was wonderful to see these two beautifully articulate and eloquent teenage girls speak with such passion about their calling. To be honest, it was a humbling experience just to meet them and listen to them speak. God bless them and all like them who are making such timely commitments. They will be befriending the Arab Muslims there, and God has given them such a heart of love for the people. Don and I both left the service uplifted in our spirits and feeling blessed to have met this special family.

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