Friday, August 29, 2008

What's a Person to Do?

I was just wondering . . .

What's an old man supposed to do when his butt gets too small to hold his trousers up and he doesn't like wearing suspenders? You know, it's trendy with the younger set to have droopy drawers, but an old codger just can't pull it off.

Why do we treat animals like people and people like animals?

What's a person to do whose ears are crooked and he has to wear his glasses lopsided on his head?

How come we see everyone else's shortcomings but not our own?

What's an older woman to do when she has to lift her bosom to fasten her belt?

Why is it cute when our kids act out, but terrible if someone else's kid does it?

What else do we expect a youngster to do with his runny nose when he doesn't have a Kleenex or a long-sleeved shirt?

I was just wondering . . .


dulce de leche said...

Hey, I have to lift my bosoms to fasten my belt--does that make me an older woman?

granny2five said...

Maybe not older, maybe just "in use!"

Blessed Mama said...

I'm with you, dulce! :) Fortunately, my butt is NOT too small to keep my pants up. ha.

granny2five said...

Yeah. Maybe I should have written about "elderly" ladies that need to hold up their rear before they can sit down!!