Friday, August 1, 2008

Let Your Face be 10 After 10. Wear a Smile!

I picked up our four younger grandchildren after their swimming lesson yesterday morning and kept them for the day. Pa had an a/c job to do, so I had them all to myself. When they were younger, that was a chore. Now that they're 10 and 8, it's total fun. I had decided that I was going to take them to a couple local flea markets, then we would go to Fazoli's for lunch. Unfortunately, we were a day early for the one here in Granite. It's only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So we headed for the Alton Exchange. From the moment we walked in the door, I knew I had played a winning hand. Every one of the kids was enthralled with the place. I had asked them not to be picking things up and handling them, but some things are almost irresistible. Why have all those candles and homemade room fresheners laying around if you don't want people touching and smelling? Triplet #2 has decided she wants to be a chef. First she wants to work at either McDonalds or Fazoli's, and then she'll probably go to Paris (her words). She found a small, rubber Pillsbury Doughboy right away, and she carried him around with her the whole time. (She said he was her inspiration to become a chef. Go figure!) He was a bargain. We later saw two more, but both were more expensive than the one she found. It was kismet. Triplet #1 found several TY dolls that are no longer being made, and she was hooked. Had to spend all her money on dolls. Triplet #3 found some cute little Precious Moments figurines and wanted to buy them for her mom, since mom "collects" them. (I know Mom's overjoyed every time I bring all four kids home with their bags of goodies!) Grandson bought some little miniature pie plates, because he's almost as interested in cooking as the sister who's going to make her career statement at McDonald's and Fazoli's! As soon as we got home, I instructed them in how to use the food processor to grind up the Vanilla Wafers for the crust. They melted the butter, mixed it all together (with a little sugar, for good measure) and pressed it into their fancy little miniature pie plates. Then I let them mix up some instant vanilla pudding and - wala - their own little masterpieces!! Children get such profound delight from small things. I do the same, at least at times. I recently purchased a couple hummingbird feeders, and hubby and I both find ourselves lying on the couch so we can see out the window and watch those amazingly tiny little birds come and sample our nectar. I sit in my lawn chair on the porch, hoping a brave little hb will decide it's time for lunch. I don't scratch an itch or slap a fly. It's of major importance that I sit perfectly still. If I do my part, maybe they'll come. Delight in small things. I don't think we can properly appreciate the big things until we've learned to value the trivial. There are few things in life that equal the smile of a child. Laughter - bold, unbridled and uninhibited. Bring on the grandkids! Bring on the hummingbirds! Anything to make me smile is worth it.

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