Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bending Over Backwards

I'm doing one of those things today that wives frequently do for husbands -- just because they're husband and wife! One of those things where one spouse or the other must be martyred for the cause. Today, it's my life on the line. Hubby has long been interested in blugrass music, because he plays the five-string banjo. Not that he likes that high, nasaly, twangy sound that comes screaming from the throat of the singers(?), but he does like a lot of the music. Which brings me to the dilemma. The Men's Ministry at church is having a BBQ today for the men and their families. Good move. I like BBQ. Then, someone had the brilliant idea to ask Don to play his banjo. Well, Don can't play the banjo without his own, personal back-up musicians -- just ask him! It's impossible. So he's invited several of his bluegrass buddies and their spouses (kids?) to accompany him during this BBQ today. I rarely go with him to any of his shindigs, but this is one I don't feel comfortable missing, since it's at our church and all. So, I'm going to be playing "good hostess" to a handful of people I hardly know and listening to music I can barely tolerate for at least a couple hours this afternoon. Sometimes they play some good, old-fashioned gospel or mild country, and that's not too bad. I will survive: I am WOMAN!

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