Monday, August 11, 2008

I stand corrected!

Have you ever received a piece of mail or invitation with your name spelled wrong? I have. And I don't like it! I'm a stickler for making sure words are spelled correctly before sending out a document (or posting a blog), but sometimes an error will slip right by me. A few weeks back, maybe even a couple months, I noticed in our Sunday church bulletin that they had spelled "worshipped" "worshiped." I let it pass, because I have a bit of a reputation for being TOO observant in such matters. Then it cropped up in the slide presentation that they do at the beginning of the service and on our church website -- all spelled with the one "p". I figured they had just copied and pasted, and thus the error. I even checked my trusty Webster's Dictionary (which, obviously, is from the Dark Ages), and it only showed it with the double "p". So, I e-mailed three or four of the young men at church that I knew had input in the technology side of things and pointed out the error of their ways. One of them got back to me and said that I was wrong. The accepted English spelling is with the single "p". The double "p" was the British spelling! Can you believe that? They CHANGED it and didn't even notify me or get my permission. Actually, when I checked the link he had e-mailed to me, it can be spelled either (is it ee' ther or i' ther?) way. I was dumbfounded, but, of course, humble enough to admit I had made an error. I'm afraid we've actually come to the point in our changing culture that even Mr. Webster can't be trusted anymore!

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Blessed Mama said...

Oooo...don't you hate that? I don't know if it's ee-ther or i'ther either. Kevin and I say it differently, so our kids are going to be so confused!