Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Blessed

Yesterday was a good day, and it had some lessons in it for me:

#1 - Be thankful for what you have. On Sunday, I met a young mother of two children whose husband left her some time ago for an alternative lifestyle. Now he's balking at giving her any money. Her job isn't good and she may lose everything. A friend down the street told me she had to live several months last year on $600/month. A young married friend came by to visit yesterday and was telling me how she and her husband had been so strapped financially that they cut themselves back to two meals a day so their children would have enough to eat. I am blessed.

#2 - Be thankful for where you are. I've said before how I tend to be melancholy, and blogging has helped me with that. It's also helping me to look at life, generally, with wider eyes. I tend to look for good things now instead of complaining about the "not so good." That's growth for me. I am blessed.

#3 - Be thankful for who you are. A precious niece posted a piece yesterday about accepting yourself. I've struggled with that for a long time. Maybe it's because I used to be stick thin -- and now I'm not. Maybe it's because I used to be overly productive -- and now I'm not. Whatever the reason, I sometimes judge myself harshly. I'm doing better. I'm happy for the place I am in life, and I'm thrilled at who's there with me! I am blessed.

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