Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wisemen Still Seek Him

Our Christmas giving has taken an entirely new twist this year, due to hubby's inability to stand for long. Not being a dyed-in-the-wool shopper myself, I didn't make an extraordinary effort to get out on my own. Therefore, we gave each of our children and grandchildren cash this year as their gift from us. We got together with them all last night to exchange gifts (they got us a GPS, and hubby is like a little kid with a new toy), and spend some quality time together. Tomorrow night, Christmas Eve, we're having my mom and our daughter over for dinner (J & J have special times with their own family on Christmas Eve), then Mom, daughter and we are attending church for a beautiful communion/candlelight service -- daughter is going to her favorite Lutheran church, and the other three of us will be going to Calvary Life. Christmas Day, we plan to go to J & J's for lunch and to see the gifts that the children have received. What blessed times and wonderful memory making events. I'm saddened by all those who are running around aimlessly looking for gifts to please their loved ones, when the only real peace and joy come from the Peacemaker. I'm so thankful I know Him, especially in this time of my life. The wise man isn't the one with wealth or fame, but a wise man is the one who has invested his life in serving Christ and serving others. Wisemen still seek Him.

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nvogue2000 said...

Hmmm... seems like here would have been a great place to talk about the Christmas Eve moment of the great grandmother meeting her newest grandfurbaby and how precious it was.