Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It Keeps Getting Better and Better

A sweet niece blogged so beautifully recently about wishing she could stop the clock, because her two children were at such wonderful stages of their lives at this very moment. She wanted to hold on tightly to where they were. I totally understand, but I'm looking at life several more years down the road than she.

Every stage of life has some very special things to offer. When you look back, there isn't an age or time that has more gold to glean than the other. I loved being a newlywed. Life was an adventure, and I had a new partner to share it with. We dreamed together, laughed together, and even cried together. But I love babies. So, when our two little ones came, I had totally found my niche. I loved being a mom, albeit a very young and stupid one sometimes. Then my babies were toddlers, tweens, teens and beyond. There were, of course, problems to be dealt with, tears to wipe, and achievements to cheer - but every single year brought wonderful packages to put in my memory box. Then came the grandchildren. Wow! Nothing like it.

We're aging. We walk more slowly, not as much bounce in our step. We creak a little when we bend, and hubby is requiring more of my time than I feel like I have time to give. But I still wouldn't trade where I am right now, right here for anything. There have been so many lessons to learn. I pray I've learned them well. There has been so much wisdom to pass on (I can hardly type the word without personal doubts). I pray I haven't dropped the baton. One thing is for certain. I've loved the time shared with friends and family more than I could ever tell. Don't stop the clock. The best is yet to come!


Busy Momma said...

Thanks for the post. It was beautiful!

Stephanie said...

This WAS lovely. : )