Wednesday, December 3, 2008

All Things Work Together

Today was the second day of Don's treatment. Outside of having to stick him three times to get the IV in, he did well. He decided to have them leave the stent (or shunt, or whatever it's called) in so he wouldn't have to be re-stuck tomorrow. The stent is very uncomfortable, though, because they wrapped it pretty tight and evidently pulled it to the side or something. Anyway, he's doing fine but thinks he'll have them go ahead and take it out again tomorrow.

Our Pastor called the two of us up for special prayer Sunday morning. He said he felt like that day was a turning point for us (or words similar to that). When we got home from church, I had an e-mail from my former boss, a Catholic man. The title line read "Concerned." The e-mail said, simply, "I've had a concerned feeling for you lately. Is everything okay?" I opened the book we're studying in our Sunday School class, and the next chapter is "The High Value of Trials." We turned on Joel Osteen, and his topic was something like, "Getting the Best Out of Adversity." I looked at Don, and both our jaws dropped. What was God trying to tell us? Are we about to be finished with this trial we've been going through, or is there another trial around the corner that He's preparing us for. On top of all that, both days that Don has gone in for treatment, one of the volunteers has spent almost the entire time out in the waiting room talking to me. She was raised Catholic, but gave her life to the Lord in 2005 (and actually attends the church we attended in East Alton for nearly 20 years). She's still like a baby in her faith and has had a lot of really hard times in her life. I feel like God has been right there with me each day as I speak to her about God's plan for her specifically.

I'm amazed at how we're always in the right place at the right time if we're walking in the will of God. Things have been difficult this week - especially difficult. But, time after time, God has given us His assurance that He knows where we are, and we're not walking this path alone. What a precious thought.

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Blessed Mama said...

It's always comforting when God sends you "love notes" in the midst of your trials, reminding you that you're not alone. Thanks for the updates. We'll continue praying.