Monday, December 1, 2008

Another Day - Another Hurdle

We received word today that they'll start Don's IVIG (intravaneous immuno-globulin) infusions tomorrow. He'll go in each morning this week as an outpatient at Alton Memorial Hospital, about 15 miles from us. The procedure should only take two or three hours, but it will be Tuesday - Friday of this week, then Monday of next week. I have no idea how many of these sessions he'll have to have; it may well depend upon the success or failure of the first series. Anyway, we're "girding our loins" for another battle.

I've been fragile emotionally the last few days, and I hate that. I'm attempting to think good thoughts and not get too caught up in the other problems life presents. I need my energy just to keep it together for Don right now. He's been so strong through this whole ordeal that he makes me ashamed for ever feeling down. Thank God for a sweet, positive husband!

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