Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well, That Was Easy

We're already home, and things worked out quite well - for me, at least. There were 300 people there, and it was going to be a long wait in a long line. Since hubby is having problems standing for long periods (or short periods, for that matter) of time, we didn't feel like he could probably stand in line as long as it would take to get seated, get our food, etc. So, we opted for a nice dinner at Ravanelli's. Only thing, I baked a Pig'Lickin' cake to take along, and I won't be getting one piece of it. It's one of my very favorites. The coconut cream pie I had at Rav's was a nice alternative, though.

What's that scripture about "all things work together . . ."?

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Stephanie said...

Good call! It was crazy there.