Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Life Is a Hoot!

Last evening, hubby had two different music gigs to go to, so Mom and I decided to go to the funeral home for the visitation of a friend who had died recently. The crowd was huge, so we waited in line for quite a while. I love seeing old friends and chatting, though, so that wasn't a problem.

On our way home, I noticed Mom start digging in her purse about 1/2 a mile from her house. I knew she was probably looking for her keys. She continued digging, but wasn't coming up with anything. I pulled into the driveway and said, "What's wrong, Mom? Can't you find your keys?" She said, "No, and it shouldn't be that hard. I pinned my key to one of my zipper pulls, but I can't find it anywhere!" She continued rummaging in the purse, getting more frantic all the time. I finally looked down to see if I could help. I could. She was trying to find HER keys in MY purse!! We laughed to hard we nearly peed our pants (you'll understand that reaction when you get a bit older). It's been a while since I've had a good belly laugh like that, and it felt plumb good!