Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What Constitutes "Old"?

I passed my 61st birthday in November. Not so many years ago (well, a lifetime for some of you), I honestly thought 61 was old. But I'm re-thinking things. Oh, yeah. I have the beginnings of crows' feet at the corners of my eyes, and my neck looks like it's outlived two or three bodies. But other than that, I'm not ready for the "old" label. I had a praise and worship CD in yesterday, and decided to dance around the house to the music. What a shock! My dancing looked more like a drunk elephant on the loose! I had to stop and laugh at myself. But that's good, don't you think? Laughing will keep me young; cuts down on the frown lines. So, I vow to laugh more. Loving will keep me young. So, I vow to love more recklessly (within reason of course). Spending time with young folks keeps me young (or makes me feel EXCEPTIONALLY old). So, I want to work my way into the lives of some folks younger than I. Old's just a state of mind, right? My annual birthday is just another number (that continues to escalate). Right? ASIDE: I've noticed that I've sure used a lot of parantheticals in this blog! I'm not going to get "old" for a while yet. I've made up my mind! Now if my body will just start cooperating, I've got it made!

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