Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ain't Life Grand?

Monday evening, our granddaughters had cheerleading, so we had our younger grandson by himself. Last night, two of the girls had projects to complete at home, so we had the third girl by herself for the evening. Friday night, we'll have all four of the younger grandchildren, and Pa is taking Stephen eagle watching on Saturday (the girls have open gym at cheerleading and won't be able to go). I must tell you young parents who are dealing with the struggles and joys of raising small children, you make the lives of your parents full to the brim. Those hours, evenings and weekends that we get to spend with our grandchildren are priceless. I think that, somehow, by being a good grandparent, I'm vindicating myself for all the mistakes and failures I made as a parent -- or, at least, some of them. Besides all that, when we're tired, we can send them back home and take a nap! And can I get a big "Amen" from all the grandparents out there??

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