Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Don't Like Change!

Those of you who know me very well know I'm definitely a person of routine. I don't always do well with change. Unfortunately, my life has been full of changes the last couple of years, and it hasn't ended yet!

We're still believing and trusting for a miracle of healing for Don, but, in the meantime, we're dealing with reality. He's slipped a bit again the last couple of weeks. We're getting close to the time (probably within weeks) of his not being able to use his rollator to get around in the house anymore. It simply wears him out. Also, he has given me permission to order a couple pair of pants for him with elastic in the waist. He thinks that might be easier for him when he goes to the bathroom. He's been having a harder and harder time getting his pants pulled up after using the toilet. He also has asked me to get him a urinal, so he doesn't have to completely take his pants down every time. Maybe that's plain talk for a blog, but our life has become a "plain talk" life! It makes me sad to see him slipping, and I don't want him to see my sadness. Sometimes, not showing that I'm sad is even harder than being sad in the first place!

What can I say? Life goes on. I continue to do what I can to make life simpler and easier for him, even if it means that more and more of my own day is being gobbled up by his. I still say that's what love is all about.


Blessed Mama said...

I'm sorry. That must be so hard. We're all praying for both of you daily.

Josh, Tammy, Gideon Dalton said...

One thing I love about you is that you are stronger than what you think!! Strength for today and grace for tomorrow!!