Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Day in Paradise

I'm feeling especially blessed today. Don has slipped a bit more this past month, and that makes me sad. However, he handles it with such grace and courage. I hardly see how I can complain when he's so "up" most of the time. I was reading some old posts in my journal and saw that he had just started having to use a cane less than a year ago. He now uses a rollator fulltime in the house and his powerchair outside the house. Dry those tears! We're not feeling sorry for ourselves. We're so blessed that he still has upper body strength and is able to do the things he does. A sister-in-law told me the other day that she prays for me daily, and she feels "so sorry" for me. Stop that! I do need the prayer support, but I'm not really looking for sympathy. A little encouragement now and then would be nice!

So, life goes on. Some days our smiles are painted on. The facade looks nice, but the foundation is cracking. Not today. I have the joy of the Lord in my heart.

Speaking of which, a young girl at church has been going through some fairly severe psychological trauma. She's a brilliant and beautiful young woman. One night, during a sweet service at church, she very discreetly slipped up beside me and prayed for the Lord to place a joy in our home that people just wouldn't understand. I believe that's happening. I returned that prayer in her direction, and she says she's been experiencing little bursts of joy in her life as well.

God is good, and his blessings are everywhere. Sometimes we just have to move some of our "stuff" to find them!

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Stephanie said...

you are both an inspiration!