Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pilgrim's Progress

My mom is a pilgrim on an earthly journey - and WOW is she ever making progress!

I took her teeth fixin's over to her this morning, and that alone made her feel better! Also took a brush and comb to make her hair a bit more presentable (although Carolyn still told her this evening she had "pillow head"). She ate two meals today and didn't experience any discomfort. They're hoping to start some physical therapy tomorrow, so she should be getting up in a chair for the first time. Her blood pressure seems to drop easily, but we're thinking that will improve once she's able to get up a bit. They talk like they'll keep her in ICU for at least two or three more days, but she's doing well.

Thanks, again, for all your thoughts and prayers. Someone said that her quick improvement is nothing short of a miracle, especially considering her age. My answer to that is: (1) You don't know my mom, and (2) you don't know my God!

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