Friday, February 6, 2009

As the World Turns . . .

We left the hospital a little early tonight to come home and rest (except that I'm doing laundry instead). Mom continues to show improvement. She's eating and tolerating it well. Her blood pressure was staying up a little better this afternoon. They're trying to get an IV in her arm so they can disconnect the central line, but they haven't been able to get an IV in yet. Mom was hating all the painful attempts. They won't let her out of bed until a physical therapist is there, and the weekend isn't a good time to get a physical therapist to come in (so we're told). So, she's stuck in bed in ICU, possible until Monday. Even so, she is improving, and we're thankful.

As you can imagine, it hasn't been the easiest of weeks for Don. He tried to walk with the use of his cane the first day, and he almost didn't make it. So, every day since then we've gotten a wheelchair as soon as we walk into the hospital and use it for the day. That's been a tremendous help. He's used to taking care of me, so he simply can't stand the thought of my going to the hospital alone. It's sweet to have a man that cares so much about me!

Keep praying! We're experiencing the results.

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