Saturday, September 24, 2011

God Still Sees Us.

The last couple of weeks have brought more subtle backsets in Don's condition.  The most recent and concerning is the problem he's having with his neck.  It "aches" a lot and he has trouble holding his head upright.  At the ALS Clinic yesterday, they said that those muscles are probably weakening significantly and suggested he prepare himself for a neck brace that will fit in under his chin and hold his head up.  He's bucking it, but, at the same time, he knows he's going to have to change his thinking.  So, I started the ball rolling this evening for him to get the neck brace.  He said today has been his worst day with the neck problem.  It almost seems as if his body is folding into itself.

Then, this morning, Dondra, Jeff, Julie, Emily and Stephen came over and cleaned out the garage quite a bit.  It was fun to watch Don light up when they discovered some old relic he had been holding onto for years.  And it was sad to see him struggle with getting rid of things that he was hoping to be strong and healthy enough to use again.

This evening, Don said he was going outside for a while.  I watched him as he headed straight for the garage.  He was in there quite a while - just looking around, he said.

I wish all the changes in life were joyful, pleasant and easy.  Unfortunately, that's just not the case.  It's important, though, to handle ALL the days of our lives with the presence of God close beside us.  Finding those things for which we can be thankful.  Laughing as much as possible.  Enjoying the innocence of children.  Resting in the acceptance of family and friends.  Knowing that, through it all, God knows where we are.

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nvogue2000 said...

I love you guys -- had a good time hanging out this weekend.