Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Little Step Back

Much of my blogging has been about our dealings with Don's ALS.  I suppose that's because this illness has practically consumed our lives - eaten us alive.

Don has done amazingly well for months now.  However, the last couple of weeks have brought some changes.  He has weakened, so I'm having to use the EZ/Stand lift to transport him from powerchair to bed, bed to powerchair, etc.  Two weeks ago, he bristled every time I asked him if he wanted me to use the lift.  Now, he asks for it.

Also, a number of weeks ago, Don had the hiccups for three days running.  He was miserable.  Once they finally went away, they hadn't returned - until today.  He hasn't had them continually, but he's had them intermittently all day long.  I deal well with much of what's going on in our lives, but I hate seeing him uncomfortable or in pain.  This has been a very uncomfortable day for him.  On top of the hiccups, he has noticed that his breathing has been a bit more labored the last couple days.  What next?

I remind myself often, by reading God's Word, a song, or some author's inspired writings, that God is with us through all of this.  Sometimes, I wish He would stand a bit closer.  I feel like I'm groping for His hand when the days are dark. 

I love looking at pictures of Don when the days were better and the sun shone a bit brighter.  I have lots of pictures of him with the grandkids, playing music, or generally enjoying life.  I treasure them.  In fact, I treasure HIM!  He has made every day worth living for the last 45 years.  So, despite these little steps backward he's been taking lately, we're in it - together - for the long haul.  We're winners, no matter how you look at it!


Malena said...

You write so beautifully, so touchingly, so candidly and courageously. I love you both so much! I am so proud to be a sister.
Just wish I lived closer; I'm always close in heart, thought, prayer.

dorisj said...

I'm thankful for you and Don and the care you have for each other. You hold on to God and each other and that's a testimony to others. God bless you both!

Love, Doris

Nuoya said...