Monday, July 11, 2011

Plenty to Smile About

I haven't been feeling the best for the last month and a half. I've had blood work done, and, so far, nothing is jumping out as being terribly out of line. What is elevated is only slightly higher than normal, so there's little to be concerned about. Only problem, I still don't feel "right."

So, Don and I both had doctor appointments today. As the doctor went down the list detailing my blood work, I became more and more confused - because nothing seems to be wrong. Makes me wonder; is it all in my head?

I came home from the doctor visit, however, counting my blessings. Don and I sat together in the small examining room and talked and laughed the whole time. How many couples who have been married 45 years do that? We're one that does - regularly. We chatted all the way home from the doctor's.

Since Don had a Culver's engagement tonight, he laid down for a short nap before Tom was scheduled to pick him up. Tom called saying he would be a little late, so I went ahead and loaded Don into the van and sat with him there until Tom and Jim arrived. The whole time, he was keeping me chuckling with his dry humor and sarcasm.

I love being with that man - even after all these years. He makes me feel secure. He makes me smile. And I know he loves me more than anyone else in this whole world loves me. Sure makes an over-the-hill 63-year-old feel like grinning ear to ear!

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