Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not Grieving for the Past

Don and I had a teeny, tiny scare yesterday. We were just preparing to leave the house and go to Marko's in Madison for a fish sandwich when he said, "Oh, I have the hiccups!" After our last experience with Don and hiccups, we both feared what might be happening. As it turned out, they lasted only a few minutes and were gone. We were grateful, and it got us to thinking.

We neither one dwell on what might be or what could have been or what's possibly lurking in the shadows ahead. We don't cry over things we've missed and things we might never be able to do again. We do, however, share countless stories of good times, memories we share, "forever" times we shared with our children, grandchildren and extended family and friends. I believe that's one thing that keeps our spirits alive and helps us go on, facing every day as a new adventure.

If we were honest, we would both tell you there are things we miss. It's sort of like losing a good friend who had lived his life in preparation for what's coming after. You grieve the loss, but you don't long for a return to normal. We may never get to take a nice long trip again. But we can certainly remember with laughter and joy the many nice long trips we've already taken. I treasure each day with Don. I value the things we CAN do and enjoy together. We're excited and anxious for the future. Who knows what God may have for us, right around the corner.

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