Friday, November 19, 2010

A Merry Heart Doeth Good

Don is almost completely back to where he was before his heart attack on August 7th. He may never recover the little bit he slipped back, but where he is is good. In fact, we haven't seen any drastic slipping for the last three or four months. Hurray!

Lots of people have commented that they think much of Don's success in handling all he's been through is his positive attitude. I would agree. Of course, a strong faith in an awesome God is the first step, but it really takes more than that to go through trials with a smile.

Proverbs says, "A merry heart doeth good, like a medicine." We agree. We laugh. We laugh a lot! At ourselves. At each other. At other people. At a good joke - and sometimes at jokes that aren't even that good! I've learned to take life a bit less seriously. I'm still slightly(?) dogmatic and certainly opinionated. But I no longer insist that you agree with me - or at least pretend to do so. The little things are what make the big things more special. So, I try to pay more attention to those little things. Smiles. Thank you's. Children. And compliments. I value affirmation. In fact, I thrive on it. So, I'm trying to be more affirming to others. Hoping, I guess, that they'll return the favor.

I treasure time with friends and family. I work at keeping a thankful attitude toward God. But most of all - I laugh. Lots of time. Lots of places. In lots of circumstances. Try it, my friend. It will definitely make you feel better.

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