Sunday, July 11, 2010

No Need to Impress

Don and I have attended two weddings lately - very different and uniquely personal weddings. It seems that the young couples weren't concerned about impressing others with complicated details or astounding numbers of attendants. In both, the bridesmaids were dressed in beautifully simple, elegant dresses. The brides were exquisite in their picture-perfect white gowns. The young men were dashingly handsome in their simple black (white) tuxedos. Each ceremony had some sort of detail that made it belong personally to that couple. A simple message and advice spoken by the minister to that couple, and that couple alone. A minor blunder that made the audience chuckle and know this couple was in it for the long-haul.

I'll admit it. I was impressed by the simplicity. No need to impress someone. Just marrying the man/woman of your dreams and making the whole day very distinctly yours.

How much of life is spent doing things because it's what's expected? How many minutes are wasted wondering if a specific thing pleases those around us? I believe it's important to care what others think. As I was reminded today, impressions are important. I further believe that moderation is of value, and we should never blatantly do things with no thought of offense. But when we spend too much time living our lives to please others, living up to others' expectations, we're not fulfilling God's purpose for us to be ourselves - uniquely.

Wish I was as purposely myself as some of my young friends are.


J, T and G Dalton said...
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J, T and G Dalton said...

I can honestly say that having a smaller wedding made my day complete. There was no greater feeling than being surrounded by your closest of friends on "your" special day.