Thursday, July 8, 2010

As the Eagle Soars

Don and I took Mom with us up to Beasley's in Grafton today for a fish dinner. The drive was, as usual, beautiful. I mentioned to them, though that I was seeing no eagles (I'm usually the one who spots them). We were commenting on how high the water had been and enjoying the sights. After driving around a bit, we headed home.

We hadn't gone far down (up?) the River Road when I started noticing the eagles. They were flying so high that, at times, your eyes had to adjust before seeing them. The clouds were hanging low, and it seemed as if the great birds were flying in and out of the clouds. I would spot one, then another, and then another. Finally seeing five or six before they faded from sight. Don's eyes aren't as good as mine, so it would take him longer to catch them in his vision, but he loved watching them soar in the sky. He commented how they seemed to be catching the high wind drafts today instead of those closer to the earth. What a thought!

There have been times when, though I might feel like I'm flying above things, it's just BARELY above. I'm avoiding the treetops, but I'm not really soaring on the high wind currents. Other times, even though circumstances around me may not have changed much if any, I've managed to catch one of those high drafts. I'm flying so high you can barely see me from where you're standing. Your eyes may have to adjust. Then, as you look more closely, you may find one or two more -- maybe my friends or family -- soaring up there with me.

I'm convinced you never lift another person without being "lifted" yourself. Isn't that encouraging? Being a caregiver can be draining: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But every now and again an eagle comes by and coaxes me to follow into the high drafts. Higher and higher to where I'm flying effortless. What a blessing my family and friends are to me. I'm sure they don't know how they lift me up. At times, I don't realize it myself. Until I'm looking down. Unable to hear the traffic and the confusion of where I've been. Just looking up to the Source of my strength. I want to spend more days soaring with the eagles!

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