Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Once a Hotrod, Always a Hotrod!

Some personality traits can be changed, or at least refined. But I think there's one inherent male trait that, once you've been hit by it, never goes away. Hotrodding. My dear husband was known in his younger days for his wild, fast driving. Then, of course, there were the years of dirt-biking - even racing. Not to be outdone by his son, he took up bicycle racing when Jeff was a kid. In other words, he's always liked fast cars, bikes, etc.

The bug bit again yesterday. Don now has a scooter that he can ride when he's wanting to do things outside, but doesn't have the strength to go the distance with his rollator. We had our younger grandson for the evening, and hubby was showing him how to operate the scooter. There's a slant from the driveway into the garage to the driveway running up the side of the house. Don turned a little too sharply, and, before he knew what had happened, he was on the ground looking up! I glanced out the window in time to see a man from across the street coming across and instinctively knew something had happened. By the time I got out there, Don was already getting up and brushing himself off. He wasn't hurt (just a bit of an ego bruise). I had to laugh. It's bad when you're so engrained with the need for speed that you wreck your electric scooter! Some things just never change.


Busy Momma said...

That's funny, but I'm sure glad he's okay! It sounds like Dondra and I trying to keep up with the boys on the BMX bikes (the wreck, I mean!).

Blessed Mama said...

I'm glad he's still having fun--and that he's not hurt!