Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Woman of Grace

Don and I are blessed with many exemplary young people, on both sides of our family. I feel that my own children are heads and shoulders above many, but it doesn't end there. I have nieces and nephews whose lives far exceed anything I could ever hope to accomplish or even aspire to.

Which brings me to this post. I have one special niece who is incredibly bright, articulate and thoughtful. But she and I are poles apart on many of our views, specifically relating to child-rearing and family life. I can be just as opinionated, or more so, than she, so it leads to some differences of opinion.

Once again, recently, she showed me what a young woman of grace and Godliness she truly is. She posted. I had an opposing view. I usually refrain from expressing myself on her blog, because she is surrounded by loyal friends who feel much the same way about things as she does. However, this time I responded. Of course, I was shot down by some. However, this young lady handled the situation so lovingly, tactfully and gracefully, I couldn't help but admire her stance. Despite our differences (which she is fully aware of), she has never ONE TIME treated me with any ill-will or disrespect. That shows me what a special young lady she is. Truly a modern-day Woman of Grace.

I love you, dear niece, and respect your heart ways. When I grow up, I want to follow my heart the way you do.

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dulce de leche said...

You just made me cry. The truth is, you're the one who has always shown me so much love and grace. Of course it is more comfortable to read comments that agree with me, but your words are even more valuable, because I respect your wisdom and experience and know that your desire is not to tear me down but to help me see another (often wiser) perspective. I have seen you consistently speak the truth in love, and I admire you more than you will ever know.