Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Choose . . .

This past year has brought a lot of new challenges to my life. I don't, as a usual thing, do well with change. But I'm learning that a lot of coping has to do with attitude. Sadly, mine too often stinks! Just to prove that miracles still happen, I'm finding myself doing a bit of changing.

I choose:

To deal with life on a daily basis instead of trying to look far down the road. (Anyway, when I look too far ahead, it scares me!)

To find as much to laugh about as possible - even if others think my laughter borders on inappropriate.

To love Don and our families and to affirm that love as often as possible, both verbally and with my actions.

To not sweat the small stuff. After all, poop is just a bodily function, and I can deal with it (without gagging, hopefully!).

To remember that I can control my mood by controlling my attitude.

To quit kicking myself for being inconsiderate or selfish for saying "no" when the circumstance warrants it. I cannot be all things to all people.

To live my life with a "God focus" that will determine my actions and reactions.

I'm sure I choose many more things and will continue to add to the list as the years flash by. But, as we're approaching January 1, 2011 (that doesn't even sound possible), I want to be better, braver, and sweeter. Think one or two out of three would cut it??? ;-)


dulce de leche said...

Tremendous wisdom. I want to copy you. :)

markov said...

nice blog:)) Please visite mine

Angie said...

I agree with dulce de lechce great wisdom! I think it should be followed in everybodie's day to day life! So happy I found your little blog! I'll be keeping an eye on it for sure!