Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Tomorrow!

Amazing the difference 24 hours can make. I can feel myself getting stronger and more rested (both emotionally and physically) each day. What a wonderful thing to be refreshed and restored!

It was an unseasonably warm day. Don and I took the dog and went to the park. I walked, and Don took his chair. The dog walked with me. A good day.

Then we drove out over the levee. I pulled over and let Don slide into the driver's seat. He drove up and down the road that runs by the canal a couple times. He said it felt so good to drive, although he has to lift his left leg with his hand in order to move it to the brake. He smiled the whole time he was driving. A good day.

We went to church tonight and Bro. Jerry Edmonds prayed a powerful prayer for Don's physical restoration. I love it when Don gets blessed so profoundly by the Holy Spirit. It blesses me to see him basking in the presence of a holy God. A good day.

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