Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Laundry Day

Yesterday was laundry day at my house, and, since I had let the ironing go for a couple weeks, I had to iron for several hours to get it all caught up. Yuk! I never did like ironing, don't like ironing, and never will like ironing! I have learned a way to make it tolerable, though. I began a little practice when my children were still at home. As I iron each piece, I think about the person who owns that piece of laundry and say a prayer for them. It makes me think happy, positive thoughts about the people I love, and it sets a better atmosphere for an otherwise less-than-pleasant task. Now that my kids have grown and left home, it's just me and my honey. That hasn't changed my custom. I've found, as we've grown older together, that we're each needing more and more prayer to face the things each day brings us. So - yesterday was laundry day. I went to bed last night feeling that I had accomplished something good, and I had a peaceful heart and mind knowing I had been in touch with the One who holds it all in His able hands. Maybe laundry day isn't so bad after all -- but I still don't like to iron!


Blessed Mama said...

Hmmm...I don't ever iron. Maybe I should pray for all the people I'm sweeping up crumbs for during the day. That should cover everyone. :)

Busy Momma said...

I don't even iron, either! Sis asked me about a year ago what an iron was! That's a great practice you do, though. Maybe I could do it as I fold clothes... It's great to see you blogging!